POLA B.A Cream Facial Cream

A high-powered anti-aging night cream Silky-smooth, luxuriously-rich texture penetrates into the deepest ...

30g/1oz €502.90
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POLA B.A Massage Cream Facial Massage Cream

A detoxifying & firming massage cream for face Features a rich, thick texture that spreads smoothly on sk...

90g/3.1oz €183.90
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A powerful moisturizing foaming facial wash Creates a luxuriously-rich lather to gently & effectively rem...

100g/3.5oz €152.90
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POLA B.A Milk Facial Emulsion

A nourishing & moisturizing facial emulsion Formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk extracted from a golden cocoo...

80ml/2.7oz €302.90
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POLA Red B.A Treatment Cleansing

A moisturizing & anti-aging facial cleanser The balm texture transforms into a silk oil upon contact with...

120g/4.2oz €88.90
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POLA B.A Eye Zone Cream

A lightweight, ultimate anti-ageing eye cream Formulated with CF Essence1 Complex to retain moisture in s...

26g/0.9oz €347.90
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POLA B.A Lip Bar Serum

A hydrating & conditioning lip balm Gently blends into lips to wrap them in a thick veil of moisture Int...

3.6g/0.12oz €102.90
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POLA Red B.A Treatment Wash Facial Wash

A softening, mousse-textured facial wash inspired by Reboot Bioactive Theory Produces a rich foam of fin...

120g/4.2oz €82.90
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POLA Wrinkle Shot Geo Facial Serum

A medicated anti-wrinkle facial serum Powered by NEI-L1 to inhibit the activity of neutrophil elastase S...

40g/1.4oz €169.90
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POLA B.A. Deep Clearizer

A revolutionary facial cleanser & mask Helps wash away glycated & dull stratum corneum Gel-cream texture...

120g/4.2oz €201.90
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POLA The Hand Cream

A delicately-scented, intensely hydrating hand cream Rich, non-sticky texture delivers a pleasant sensati...

100g/3.5oz €57.90
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POLA Pensee De Bouquet Body Shampoo Rouge (Bulgarian Rose)

A heavenly-scented, hydrating body cleanser Produces rich foam to gently cleanse skin Contains arnica fl...

500ml/16.8oz €37.90
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